A device used to display information onto a large (usually) flat surface for either presentations, IMAG (Image Magnification), or other media. Common types of projectors are LCD, DLP, and CRT.

A Newer LCD or DLP Projector:
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There are three crisp LCD screens in an LCD projector, each displaying similar grayscale images. The reason there are three is because there are exactly three primary colors used in creating a digital image: red, green and blue. One color is projected through each grayscale LCD screen. They shine onto a prism that brings the light from each LCD screen into a single image and directs it through a projection lens, which shines the image, in full color, onto a screen. The three screens attach to each other at right angles, with an open side facing the projection lens.
eHow - How do LCD Projectors Work

A CRT Projector:

sdauditorium;223731 said:
A CRT projector is a video projector that uses Cathode Ray Tubes -the picture tube. The image is then focused and enlarged onto a screen using a lens kept in front of the CRT face. Most modern CRT projectors are color and have three separate CRTs - RGB (red, green, blue).

They usually have a better black level and longer service life compared to LCD and DLP projectors but are also heavier, take longer to set up and adjust and *generally* lower ANSI (lumens) compared to similar projectors.

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