Simply put, the act of changing a fixture's patch. It can be used in a few different ways.
1) In a shop- Re-patch that dimmer rack 1-to-1. Physically reset the hard patch to circuit #1 (or A-1) to dimmer #1.
2) On a tour- You need to re-patch the FOH wash to the house hookup. Change the softpatch to reflect that you are using house dimmers not road dimmers.
3) During a show- Those circuits are the re-patches for act 2. When a designer is limited in dimmers, the LD and ME might come up with some re-patches. For example, in the first scene there is a light-up sign which requires 3 circuits that is never used again. In the second act there is a set piece that has three practicals. In between the acts someone would re-patch the lights from the sign to the set. This can be done by physically unplugging the connector and re-patching or a SPDT switch might be used.

See also Patch, Types of (Lighting).

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