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A document detailing which, and in what order, the songs for the performance are to be played. More applicable to concerts than theatre, obviously. When on tour, some bands play the exact same show every night. Other artists are notorious for changing the set list at the last minute, even after it has been published and distributed, and sometimes during the show. Obviously, this affects the lighting console operator the most, especially if he/she has a memory-console-programmed cue stack with the show in a specific order. Hence the reason for <GotoQ> and <Link Cue> functions. Also a reason to put each song into its own cuelist, if the console provides for multiple cuelists. Even on a semi-busked show, each song may be its own page, and once the operator receives the set list, he re-orders the pages to match the set list, then presses <NextPage> at the end of each song.

For a specific band/artist, see the site .

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