truck pack

A method of sizing road cases based on a minimum truck width of 90". Thus 1/2-pack=45", 1/3-pack=30", and 1/4-pack=22.5". Restricting all cases' length and width to these dimensions or multiples allows for an easier and neater usage of space.

Most Semi-trailers are about 100" wide, while straight trucks 24' and longer, are most commonly 96" wide. Standard case size are often based on 96", especially for touring companies who are less concerned about small trucks, and more concerned about efficient use of space, and a neatly packed semi.

Truck pack can certainly utilize both sets of dimensions, i.e. 24"x 30" or 22.5" x 24". Just rotate 90 degrees to fit a 90 or 96" truck.

These Sizes hold true for the United States, but truck sizes, and therefore truck pack, will be different throughout the world.

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