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    'Eclipse' effect

    Hey all,Looking for some advice about a specific effect. LDing an opera and the director asked for a 'lunar eclipse' effect and I'm trying to think how to do this technically.The plan is to have a glass moon gobo on the cyc. Having multiples isn't an option budget wise, so can anyone think...
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    Ion Question

    Old topic, I know, but you could also record individual parameters to submasters, ie sub 1 is ch 1-5 red, sub 2 is blue, sub 3 is green. I had some difficulty understanding the description of the original problem, but this would be the same as patching the LEDs old school, except that you would...
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    Lightwright Tutorials and Layouts

    Can anyone recommend some good Lightwright tutorial videos or texts? I've followed links on the website and I've see the basic ones, but between that and teaching myself there are still things I haven't figured out.Otherwise, if anyone can just explain to me how to design my own custom layouts...