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    Evel Knievel

    If you haven't heard the great dare devil, Evel Knievel is dead at the age of 69.
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    Video Editing and Publishing Software

    I use and own Avid Media Composer, Sorenson Squeeze, and Roxio Media Creator. Also I own, but hate using, is Adobe Premiere Pro. I recommend Avid Media Composer. Great tool.
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    Video Cameras

    I use a Canon GL2. Also in studio work at a local access station, I use JVC Studio Camera. The same camera I have used in robotic purposes. I love the GL2.
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    Video Camera Problems

    I would go with mini-DV. The down side to a hard drive is that if you drop it, you could lose all of you footage. Another downside to High Definition is that if you want to edit, it is a real pain. To edit HD you need to scale it down to SD, and then edit, and then scale it back to HD media...
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    Sound and Video not matching up

    If the problem appears to be with the DVD, then the problem is from the people you encoded the DVD. If you don't match the audio sequence to be in line with video sequence, then you will have a problem with video delay or no video, or no audio, or audio delay. Also another problem could have...
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    Our crew is on the very tip of walking

    Well maybe because those 6 felt uncomfortable with the "popular ppl" which were unexpirenced to do a job and screw up and not have a good feed back. And reality check, nobody can get replaced. Also it hasnt been better off since they are gone since they were a help to me, maybe not you, but to...
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    LED Seat Lights

    well, it know makes some sense why to leave them on. So ppl like you dont fumble over when trying to make thier way to the booth door.:) But anyway, the lights should live past that i leave. But then it is Woburn High and nothing last longer than 1 year.
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    aida Error on our part

    Not offensive at all. Im used to being kicked around, abused by people (ie told to work and i dont ask any questions[unless morally incorrect]). But I would love to join your crew but you are little to far away for me right now. And my dream isnt in theater, it is space (me want to be an...
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    aida Error on our part

    Thanks gafftaper. I have to agree with you.
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    aida Error on our part

    well search my name, you are going to get answers on who i really am. Also i dont have a horrid view at life. May be i do but beside the fact. And im not a negative person, i just find the negatives in all things in life, ie life is a torture, Also I dont think they would be able to put my name...
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    aida Error on our part

    Well i know one place that i volunteered that screens each volunteer. But this was medicine so i think that is understandable.
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    aida Error on our part

    Yes i know. But fact is fact. And life is life
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    aida Error on our part

    Yea, right, learn something about human mentality. You might stay, Me have bigger chance of getting suspended.
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    Locks for a moving set piece

    brakes, always can trust them until someone sabatoges them or destroys them
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    Missing Stage Manager

    Either that or you are better than previous one.