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    Ticket Agent services (used to be ticket-turtle). Fee is based upon usage - they take a cut of every ticket sold on-line or at the door with a credit card. Cash sales at the door (not likely during covid19) are not charged a fee. At least that is what seem to remember.
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    Touch Screens for new Gio @5? Slightly off topic, but I had asked about the largest resolution. I was thinking of trading touch for more pixels (and the mouse) since I work at a computer all day and would find...
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    Thoughts on a Fixture Shoot Out

    The ETC Colorsource units do not have an amber LED emitter. It looks like the Ovation series does. The Spot does come with an indigo (deep blue) emitter option. Depending upon what you want in the amber spectrum or deep blue, this might push you towards one or other other. I wish the Spot...
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    Help with EDI dimmer parts

    Do you still have these? We have two portable EDI packs that have six dual modules. A couple of the modules failed and I'm looking for parts until we replace them next year. Thanks, Ben
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    Lee High Temp - Discontinued?

    Try the SuperGel formulation from Rosco. It's a high temp gel, works great in cyc lights, but you may have to get it special order if your local supply store does not carry it. It's a bit thicker than Roscolux.