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    delay on conductor camera...suggestions?

    Are you noticing the inconsistency within the same song? When you say that it can sometimes be a beat behind, you're using musical terms to describe technology, which doesn't always work. If it's more noticeable in some songs than others, what's different about them? A delay would be more...
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    Strand 520i - How do I release captured channels back to subs or playback?

    This is what I do on my Preset Palette II. Not sure if your console has an Undo button, but two taps on ours acts as the release.
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    NAS (Network Storage) / Media Hub, how to? and what kind?

    Another option would be to save it locally first then transfer it to network storage for back up.
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    NAS (Network Storage) / Media Hub, how to? and what kind?

    Be careful with this as network speed, lag, hiccups, etc. can affect your performance in an undesirable way.
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    Wireless Cell Phones and Wireless Microphones?

    I guess I'll clarify, the transmitter was locked. I've learned that people like to play with the mute setting then wonder why it doesn't work.
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    Wireless Cell Phones and Wireless Microphones?

    I had something interesting happen tonight, but first I'll set up the scenario-I am a high school student lighting operator working tonight in our auditorium for a show put on as a fundraiser for one of our clubs, but I am also familiar with our sound setup. Our wireless microphone receivers...
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    One more hurdle for Video Feed system

    All you're missing is an A/B switch. Something like this, RadioShack® 4-In/1-Out Remote Controlled A/V Selector -, would work fine. (This is one I found fast. You obviously don't need 4 inputs)You connect your camera to it, then the computer with an appropriate adapter/converter...
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    Strand 300 weirdness

    I haven't seen these exact issues, as I have never used a 300 console, but Strand is notorious for software problems. For two years I used a Lightboard M, and figured similar issues (subs not working properly, patches deleting themselves, the entire board freezing like a cranky Windows XP...
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    Wireless Wireless Mic Only Audio Dying, Then Lose RF Overnight.

    If it works with an empty house, but not with a full house, I would be lead to believe it's cell phone interference. I've heard people say, "Cell phones? That's impossible, cell phones can't do anything." but I've both seen and hear it happen.When we do mic checks in my high school, we have as...
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    Selling pictures from poms competitions

    Maybe this has changed since then, but I remember once reading that Eye-Fi sends the pictures to the cloud then downloaded to your computer, not directly to your computer on the same network. Correct me if I'm wrong?
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    POLL: Staying Awake

    Mountain Dew is a wonderful invention. Just sayin'.
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    LED Christmas Lights on a dimmer

    My high school's director loves doing this. Not sure about your console, but on my Strand Palette, when patching I set the fixture profile to "non-dim." That way, no matter what value, the console will send 100% to the dimmer.