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    Control/Dimming Help me pick a console!

    Yes correct, anything ETC above the Element, ION, or ColorSource requires a Work Order or Job Name in order to get a quote for GIO or EOS consoles. But you can always look for B-Stock sales online. Usually means demo units with a few scratches on them.
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    MAC250 problem

    I just had to search G1ER and found this thread, I just finished replacing the lower wiring harness in a 700 and still have the G1ER. There was a break in the harness but now I am waiting on the **** $17 sensor to get this thing back up. At least it is quicker than sending it to Martin.
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    Control/Dimming Wholehog 2 erratic flickering desk channels and alarm sound

    SO this Wholehog 2 came back from a show, the LD said it was acting weird making his stage was randomly flicker and a buzzer sound came out of the console. Got it back to the shop, loaded his show, brought up the stage wash cue with dimmer hooked up to test station. And yes when I heard the...