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    Everyone in theatre knows 2 jobs...their own...and lighting! I am a Theatre Major with an option in Technology and Design and a focus in Lighting Design at Plymouth State University . I am originally from Atlanta. I live in Alton during the summer, and in Apt. 80 while on campus. My closest friends are my TI Family. I thank you all. I also love all my other friends that have been there for me over the years, and I love all of you, even the ones I am still meeting. :-D If there is any thing else you want to know IM me at drumsoffire13. RIP Seth D. Haapanen 10/12/86-10/28/08 Jonathan Yelle, I am happy to have you home. Jennifer Shafer- I can't wait till the navy is done with you.

    Sound Engineering, School, Tech Crew, Broadway Crew, Nhti, DJing, Watching Productions, Cheerleading

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