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    In search of something like Neoflex

    Yep. has them.
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    In search of something like Neoflex

    Never thought of fiber optic . . . we might be able to make that work. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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    In search of something like Neoflex

    This would be permanent install (like 5+ years), so DIY is not really an option. I'm sad to hear that no one's making the stuff we're looking for, but fake neon may not fit into our budget now anyway. I found out today that we're being pushed into building a pure LED system in a room where we're...
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    In search of something like Neoflex

    I'm looking at Neoflex or something similar for our high school ministry's room (we're renovating it this summer), but the stuff I've come across so far has all been slightly disappointing. I have yet to find a version that meets all of my 4 criteria for good fake neon: Controllable by DMX (or...
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    food and drinks in the control booth

    Yup. Where I work, we get dinner at about 30 minutes til show because that's when the band is (supposed to be) done rehearsing. If things don't go smoothly, we have just about enough time to throw together a plate of food and get back upstairs. I have eaten an entire lasagna dinner while running...
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    Looking for low-profile LED fixtures to light a fabric set - recommendations?

    One thing we need to accomplish if we're building holders is to make aiming easier when stuff gets moved. The only way I know of that 3-sided wooden boxes will help with that is if they're long enough to hold several lights -- but then they'd have to be curved, and we'd need at least 8 convex...
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    Looking for low-profile LED fixtures to light a fabric set - recommendations?

    We're currently using 26 Colorblast 12 TRs with wide-angle lenses and barn doors to uplight our stretch-fabric set. We work hard to achieve minimal light spill because of the 2 huge front-projection IMAG screens on our angled upstage walls. Our minimum trim height is 31' and we can only access...
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    Wild Dust, anyone?

    Speaking as someone who used to work at an 1880s historical farm, I remember seeing a lot of things like this on the walls. We also had parlor lamps with shades like this and the hurricane chimney sticking out of the top. Those gave a pinkish light, which may be quite appropriate for your...
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    Trap Door that doesn't break the actor - Accomplice

    This isn't a school production. It's being done by a small local theater company.
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    How much would you give/ what would you sell it for?

    We have 2 iSeries dimmer racks in our building, and Leviton still fully supports that equipment. I called them up a couple months ago, and they gave me the phone number of a local tech who has all the necessary knowledge and gear to install, service and program the racks. I imagine they could do...
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    lights and sprinkler heads

    But what if you can't find a fire code expert named Marshall? Would a Fire Marshal work just as well? (Sorry if I'm being an annoying smartass. That spelling mistake really bugs me :P )
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    Mini packs like the D4 DMX are probably the best solution for small-scale portable systems. They're relatively inexpensive and easy to use (just set the address, mount them near the lights and make sure to distribute them across circuits, like josh88 mentioned), and you can run as many of them...
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    Inexpensive Remote Control of Lighting System

    The NSI should be midi-capable. The instructions for midi control are in chapter 14 of the manual (at least in the version that says Innovator across the front). If you don't have it, you can get it here. This is probably closer to what you'd like to do than trying to run the thing through DMX.
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    What color are your backstage areas painted?

    Greenish taupe, just like everything else in the whole place. Even the walls and carpet on our stage are that color. That's what happens when your church is designed by an architect who specializes in postmodern office buildings.
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    Where to find a good Bite Light?

    If you have hard hats/bump caps with brims, you could go with a clip-on light like this: NiteIze BrimLit Otherwise, a small headlamp like the Petzl Tikka series or the Petzl Zipka ,which has an auto-retracting strap for easy pocket storage, will probably do you well. Petzl also makes helmets...