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    Signaling "clear" in a light related way.

    I was made aware of different ways that the stage managers and deck managers give the "clear" for scene changes. This one guy I talked to was explaining that on both sides of the deck his theatre had a small box with 2 lights, a red and a green one. This was a simple way to say clear. Green, go...
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    I'm interviewing for a job at my university in January this job's important because it will pay for a lot of my tuition I need to make a portfolio for it, How do I do that? The job is in the scene shop/light booth I have done 3 shows at my high school and I've made a few light related things...
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    In Our Town there are a lot of scenes involving a moon, how would I get this to happen? Any suggestions? Thank you so much.
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    Our Town

    Our school is doing a production of Our Town, and this is probably the most popular play done, so do any of you have any suggestions related to light design? I'm sure you guys have your own examples of this play. I know there is a lot of change in the cyc My theatre has 4 cell cyclorama, can...
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    gel combinations 4 cell cyclorama

    What are the most common rosco gel colors to put in a 4 cell cyclorama light fixture?
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    ellipsoidal placement

    My schools theatre has 4 electrics from from downstage the first electric has even number of fresnel and ellipsoidals (ellipsoidal, fresnel, ellipsoidal, fresnel etc.) but our second electric is completely made up of fresnels, I would like to use leaf and cloud gobos in a coming up show to put...
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    Sky scene gel combinations

    we have six of these fixtures
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    Lobster scope

    I just wanted to show off the shabby lobsterscope I made for my schools production of "My Favorite Year" First year working in lights and it was kind of a last minute thing
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    Sky scene gel combinations

    okay the image is showing up pretty good sized, I think our schools tech director wants a sort of "the elements theme"
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    Sky scene gel combinations

    at my high school I'm the light design guy (for the years before I was there it was just on and off with the lights no design happening) I'm very new, hoping to make a career if I continue to enjoy it as much as I do right now So for our schools talent show we are going for bright background...
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    rosco gel color combinations?

    Thanks! very helpful (:
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    rosco gel color combinations?

    We have a technical director, but she is more of a "knows a little bit about a lot of things" kind of person, you should see us try and focus lights together it's very confusing.. still a blast though. Yeah, there are a few local colleges with theatre programs, I'll soon be getting involved with...
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    rosco gel color combinations?

    I'm a high school student who is learning about light design, hoping to make a career of it. At the moment I'm working in a high school theatre that is nice, but kind of a mess. The gels in the cat walk light fixtures (?) , the ones that create the even wash down stage.. well, they were just...