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    These Speakers and This Amp?

    Generally, you want to have an amp that has a greater wattage per channel (at your speaker's ohms rating) than your speaker's RMS by at least 2 times the speaker's rating. In your case, an optimal amp would be one that puts out 500 watts per channel at 8 ohms. This allows you to operate with...
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    Recording with Behringer USB consoles

    I found this quickly, it might be sorta what you want: Zoom R16 Multitrack Mobile Production Studio | Musician's Friend It's more geared towards recording but it may be usable as a live mixer too since it has quarter-inch outs. Not perfect, but something. Also one unit only has 8 XLR ins but you...
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    Recording with Behringer USB consoles

    According to the manual, the mixer only sends the stereo signal to the computer. Sorry :\