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    S4 - More spill than a rainstorm?

    Check the Little flap where a iris, or a gobo rotator would go. I'm thinking that could be open and letting light spill out. I would suggest that you cinafoil all cracks on the fixture.
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    Online Gobo Visualizer

    I like that web sit I think that I will use that a lot.
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    Gloves, or no gloves...

    I think that it is not safe to wair glove the rope can slip through your hands.
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    cell phones

    Yes it happen all the time to us my boss has a nextel they are the worst
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    Strand Bought out

    Thanks for the information. I did not hear about that.
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    CD Players

    I would keep them both in more cd players the less you have to swich CDS. At our school we have 2 CD players and it is relly nice.
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    Bright but Dark?!?

    I have a director that says that all the time she has no clue how to do lighting. If you bright the light down she will complain that you can see the person on stage. It goes back and forth untill we are on to the next seen.
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    Remember to safety cable those instruments!

    Even though that movie was fake. It was a very good reminder that you should alway use safty cables on lights. I personaly have never seen a light fall but I have herd some nasty stories about some.
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    Gel Organization

    What we do is we take and put our gel in a large file cabnet. Then we sort it by the Gel number. Each gel number gets it own folder. with the big sheet we put that at the bottom of the cabnet.
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    number of dimmers and channel capacity of high schools

    Our school has just about 300 dimmers.
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    What is a patchbay?

    Just like with lighting you can take any plug and route it to any channel on the board. For instance, Plug a microphone in the floor into channel 1 located stage right, that plug is hard wired into the patch-bay. Hopefully, it is labeled. You take the patch cable and plug it into the...
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    Liquid Nitrogen

    I use a Lemaitre LSG Unit that uses a Liquid CO2 "Dewar" Tank. It Works Awesome, You still have to know what you are doing. Liquid CO2 IS Cold, but all in all your pretty safe with this unit. don't mess with LN2, too Dangerous. It is not worth the hassle.
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    How professional is your theatre?

    Our theater does 3 productions each year. one musical a one act and a normal play. We put a lot of time and money into sets, effects, lighting and sound. I think it is more like a brodway, but it is high school.
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    Hang & Focus

    If you are hanging the light on an electric you could talk about making sure the baton is balanced.
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    Sound effects

    One sound that hapends a lot is an old car coming down the street. It is had to record that myself. but thanks for the suggestion.