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    All in 1 Linux show control system

    A friend and I have been thinking about open source show control systems for linux for a while. We've already put a decent amount of work into reliable systems for audio cues. It's nowhere near a release, but linux show control isn't that far-fetched. It just hasn't really been done as of yet...
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    Stereo audio through "surround" speakers?

    Oh good, I'm not crazy.
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    High school technical theater how to videos

    As a high school technician who is easily bored I say: go for it! At my school we have an excellent group of people in our performing arts department, including people with tech theatre experience, but more resources never hurts. I certainly wouldn't mind watching a few videos, especially if...
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    Stereo audio through "surround" speakers?

    I thought about not even answering this because it is painfully condescending, but I'll try to keep it civil: 1. Obviously adjusting volume and matching L/R to your system are fine. If you're talking about remixing the audio of a film from stereo into surround it's entirely different. This...
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    Stereo audio through "surround" speakers?

    If the filmmakers intended for it to be mixed in 5.1, they would have mixed it in 5.1. Your job is not to mix sound for the film, it is to (to the best of your ability) recreate the original mastering of the film. It will sound... bad. Running the same signal out of front-facing and rear-facing...
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    Stereo audio through "surround" speakers?

    We'll see if anyone disagrees with me but: if it isn't in surround you probably shouldn't be messing with it. I say this for a few reasons: 1. Remixing the sound is modifying someone else's work without their permission. If it is given to you in stereo it's probably meant to be in stereo...
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    Clearcom/intercom Handsets

    I made my own with an old phone and an XLR-4 connector. That costs about three bucks.