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    Order of Operations During Load-in / Install

    Thank you all. Some of this is very helpful. -jake
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    Order of Operations During Load-in / Install

    Help me make a case to my Powers That Be: What's your production footprint typically look like? While I think this question applies to a lot of folks, I'm particularly curious to ask those in an academic settings (though I'd value union folks, too) who may be in permanent to semi-permanent...
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    refinishing plank wood flooring

    I have to constantly remind myself that floor sanders, even the "industrial" ones, are intended for stripping stain and film finish, not latex-based paints. I've yet to meet a sander that doesn't gum up the way you're describing - it's just not how they're intended to work. For what it's...
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    So... who still has a job?

    Thankfully, my academic job is safe (for the moment) and I'm able to continue working from home, mostly planning for next academic year and the fall semester. A lot of it still feels like it's build on sand, though, as we've no idea what PA will be doing through the rest of the spring, into the...
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    Side-loaded Pipe

    Your problem really is that your batten pipe is rolling, so fix the problem, don't treat the symptom of your problem. I'm not an LD but it does seem to me that you could achieve that lighting angle without yoking the instruments out so far. Assuming you really DO need to yoke out your...
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    Rigging with cable stops question?

    Lots of good advice here, especially in terms of the wire rope and terminations. For what it's worth, I have rigged very light scenery with cable stops like you describe before but they wouldn't be my first choice and when I have, I've upped my design factor to something like 10:1 to be...
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    Legging stress skin platforms

    Bill's correct, of course; I'd be careful about taking *any* construction advice straight from any forum, much less straight from ME....! I should have said something along the lines of, "A (properly constructed) stress skin platform should more than handle a 10ft span." ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN...
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    Legging stress skin platforms

    Back in grad school we used to have a saying that you designed and built for Curtain Call; as that's likely when you'd have the entire cast crammed up onto a platform or some such that otherwise would never see that kind of loading during the actual production.... If the pit rail can take that...
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    Need Advice Glossy White Floor

    Getting a super glossy finish on a floor *is* easy. KEEPING it super glossy over a tech period and even a short run of performances is really really hard (without a ton of labor DURING all this time devoted to keeping it clean and glossy). Albeit, I'm jaded, but in my experience everyone...
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    Professional Review of Rigging Design

    Just gonna add my +1 to everyone else's here: WALK. AWAY. Unless you can and/or want to get a lawyer to write up some kind of paperwork absolving you of responsibility WHEN someone is hurt (i'm not even 100% sure how that would be worded), I would absolve myself of this early and often...
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    Changing booth

    +1 to pipe & drape wherever we can. Once upon a time (at some venue in my past), I had a series of 30"x72" (1x3 frames & covered in duvetyn) broadway flats hinges like dressing screens that we could unfold, stitch together, cleat to a stage wall, etc. We'd hang a curtain across the entrance...
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    5 gallon bucket stage audio considerations

    Huh. Learn something new every day.
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    Am I making the right college decision?

    I regret nothing about my MFA in technical direction. After ten years working professionally, I was in exactly the right mindset and exactly the right place personally to get the most out of all of it. I became so much a better technician, draftsman, theatrical engineer, and manager than I...
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    Binding carrier mice

    Sounds to me like your carriers may not match your track. I never heard them referred to as "mice" before, but I can see why they could be called that... If the carriers twist (rotate horizontally around the pin that holds the curtain) at all as the curtain is pulled from the floor, the wheels...
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    Practical Stove

    FWIW, I'd second the "Accomplish this w/ a hot plate" opinions above. I'd also +1 all of the "Get Your Fire Marshal to sign off on this effect and make sure your theatre has the proper insurance(s) for this effect" advice as well. Live flame is super dangerous BUT it does happen all the time...