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    RC4 Wireless 2-dim Prop

    Closest seats will be about 30', and furthest about 50'. I wanted to try using a 3w High Power LED Chip, but I have no experience with wiring LEDs and calculating/using resistors
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    RC4 Wireless 2-dim Prop

    Hi all, For our show, an actor needs to walk around stage with a kerosene practical lantern and will turn on the lantern onstage. We have a RC4 wireless 2-dim which hides very nicely in the base of the prop. I was wondering which low-voltage light source would look best for the job, if you...
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    How do you make a DMX terminator?

    To make a 4-Pin DMX Terminator, do you still solder the 120 Ohm resistor between pins 2 &3? I want to make some for our Rosco I-Cues.
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    Quick VW2016 Question

    I've just created a Lighting Position from a lighting Pipe in Vectorworks 2016. I cannot seem to be able to edit the Labels font for this position. I can move the label around, but the font is too small, and the only options in the text style dropdown on the object info pallette are ft. size 10...
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    Lessons Learned

    Hi all! Just wanted to start a thread for all you theatre creators! Since this is such an amazing resource with a millennia in collective years of experience, and this could help young stagehands like myself, I ask the questions: What is the most important thing someone has taught you about...
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    New to Lighting

    Hi, sorry, forgot to mention that I'm in High School, and this show is at our campus, we don't offer any kind of lighting course, and my drama teacher wasn't too much help, hoping you guys could. I know it's 20amps because that is what our breakers in our sensor 3 dimmer rack are outputting, as...
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    New to Lighting

    Hi all! I'm setting up our light plot from a university designer for our spring musical this year. I've had experience with our ION board, using conventionals as well as intelligent lighting (DMX). The problem I have when circuiting a plot, I'm not too sure how to figure out how many of an...