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    Cable Converters

    i've been given the assignment to find out any and all sound converters we could possibly need. we have an analog system with a snake with 3 pin xlr and quarter inch inputs. so i was basically just thinking of converters of them, but my director is pretty wacky at times. I was just wondering if...
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    Sound f/x Effects on vocalist

    i'm not given any price range for any of this, my directors are still figuring that out. but we just bought 6 intell lights last year so we're probably raise that much again this year.
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    Sound f/x Effects on vocalist

    what effects processor would be recommended for this? and thanks!
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    Sound f/x Effects on vocalist

    I'm a designer for a high school drama club, and my directors often like to use reverb, delay and echo on certain lines for effect. Our board is not equip with any effects, so i need to find something that can give us those. But i need it to be easy to control so the effects could be only on...