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    A Electrosonic Linkit 12 Lighting Board

    I will try pics get next time I'm there
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    A Electrosonic Linkit 12 Lighting Board

    Does anyone know how to operate a Electrosonic Linkit 12 lighting board? I have been asked to fix a hall's lighting rig, but it is old. They have homemade dimmers and this analog board, which I have no idea how to use. They have no contact with the guy who used to operate, so there is no-one...
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    Free Presenter Countdown Timer Software

    Very useful piece of software! Thanks
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    Outdoor Show Idea

    Another good one is "In the Begining" by Bruce Kane. It is a play for 3 people (1 male, 1 female and 1 of either), but I have seen it done with 4 people. The one difficulty is that it is a very static play, with most of the action based around a table. Click here for the script.
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    A New Member

    Hi all, My name is Kyle Robbertze. I am the lighting designer at Wynberg Boys' High School in Cape Town, South Africa where I am currently in grade 9. I found this site via Google while I was searching for lighting courses. I hope to learn a lot here and put it into practice at Wynberg.