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    Vintage Lighting Old color puzzle/question

    Well, I may not have kept the swatchbooks, but I found a photo of the gel showing the label. It's not R128. The winner is Roscolux 152.
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    Vintage Lighting Old color puzzle/question

    Here they are, sitting on my 1981 first edition Warfel text. I like that somebody had written 'new' on the Cinemoid book.
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    Vintage Lighting Old color puzzle/question

    Hey Reidly!! The Rosco 108 makes sense for the one labeled G108. It is a sky blue, and frosted thru, like R111. However the other sheet is only frosted on one side of the sheet, not unlike the R121, but paler. I was wondering if there was a Sky Blue Frost at R128 next to the Sky Blue Silk at...
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    Vintage Lighting Old color puzzle/question

    I'm cleaning out my gel drawers and finding some un-identifiable color. So for you history buffs, help! 1.) I know that one is a Roscolux colored diffusion of the R120 range, but in Sky Blue, that's been discontinued. (the student who wanted 2 cuts, cut off the label!! I seem to recall R128?)...
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    Express show merging?

    Thank you all for the ideas. I tried the 'Export to ASCII and editing' routine, but everything I tried, after editing, it took it out of ASCII (.asc), and took it to .txt. After a few attempts I ran out of time and it's fallen to back burner. At this point, Steve's very-roundabout method...
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    Express show merging?

    Currently doing Angels in America in rep on Express 250. Shows were recorded on separate disks. Now, the console is acting up with saving/reading the disks, and we're looking at merging the two Q lists (Pt1 would be Q1-299 and Pt2 is 300-500 kind of thing). I'm not remembering any easy way...
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    Colorsource 20 and cueing movers

    I'm considering the ColorSource 20 for a Dance Studio here (upgrade from the Express). I'm assuming from this thread that it won't do multipart cues like the express used to?
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    Gantom GPlex portable DMX controller opinions

    I just saw that BMI has the DMXcat in stock, and was wondering if anybody had tried it yet. I was also wondering how it wirelessly deals with the possibility of multiple control sources (i.e. some other joker with an iPhone hijacking my control!)?
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    4-pin DMX?

    Now I'm curious, why would it not be compatible with the Forerunner power supply?
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    Single fixture type per DMX run

    One other instance of it being needed: We have some older Martin gear with the data polarity reversed. Separate line with only one custom polarity reverser at the head.
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    Lamp Question - Defective?

    My guess is that the rattle was a previous exploded lamp that was replaced, but not cleaned out of the fixture. As to the lamps, I've not noticed the decreasing amount of filler in the base, I don't use that style much anymore. It's curious. Back a dozen years or so, I was boycotting Sylvania...
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    Lamps burning out like crazy!

    I've still got old Lekolites that I use as work/aisle fixtures and have switched all of them to FLK/LL (the 600w replacement for the EHG or FEL, with the lower color temp for longer life). My last theatre got the same conversion (360Qs), but I had to re-trim all the sockets as I weeded the EHGs...
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    Moving Light Recommendations

    JohnD beat me to it. We picked up a few of the SeaChangers with the XtraGreen, used, a year or two ago and haven't had a problem with them yet. Great mixing capability and if static doesn't bother you they're great. The 750w lamp is a must.
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    Strand Palette II line

    I'm looking at getting a new console for one of our Dance Studio spaces that is used for performances. They currently have an Express 24/48 and want me to look into Strand (because the primary designer is used to the OLD Palette language). The space has 36 dimmers and only conventionals...
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    What is this tool?

    Actually, yes, we did have some stage plugs, but it's not the right size for anything related to that. As to a stamper... You mean a rubber stamper? It seems a bit hefty for that, and if a metal die stamper, it's only hand-held with no indication that it was struck with a mallet. The...