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I'm cleaning out my gel drawers and finding some un-identifiable color. So for you history buffs, help!

1.) I know that one is a Roscolux colored diffusion of the R120 range, but in Sky Blue, that's been discontinued. (the student who wanted 2 cuts, cut off the label!! I seem to recall R128?) Was this really a thing?

2.) Some similar Sky Blue frost, but more akin to Lee224: heavier frost, not coated-on-one-side. Similar to R64 or R67 in color, paler than L224. It was grease pencil labeled "G108" which is NOT GAMcolor or Gelatran, and probably meaningless.

3.) Two folders of cuts labeled G058 and G053. The G058 folder is also labeled "aka G850," (and it is!). But what is the G053. I got frustrated that those few cuts were unidentifiable, so I pitched the whole folder, but I'm still curious about the numbering system; a thought was maybe Gelatran, but there isn't a 058 and 053 is green, not blue.

Any old-timers remember any of this stuff?


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R120 is Red Cyc Diffusion. R121 is Blue Cyc Diffusion -- which is a different animal than R125, Blue Cyc Silk.

You might be thinking of Roscolux 108, "Daylight Frost," which was a paler blue than R68 iirc (but -- I've never compared the photometric charts on these). Not sure when it was discontinued; there's a whole sequence of R107 - R110 that's now "missing." Also note that it's a different color than Rosco E-Colour 108, which is an analog to Lee 108, English Rose. There is a GAMColor 108, "1/8 Antique Rose," which is similar to the Lee color.

Lee also has a series of "cosmetic frosts," Lee 184 - Lee 192, which incorporate a fairly non-saturated / pastel color and diffusion, typically used in studio and portrait work rather than theater.

"GAM 053" could be GAM 850 backwards and smudged (?). Rosco 53 and Lee 053 are both lavenders. Apollo color is all four-digit, so less likely to be that. Sometimes you can tell by the feel of the gel itself -- how dense it is, how easier it is to bend or crinkle, etc.
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Who's the old-timer??? Got out the olde books.

JACKPOT SPOILER!!! In Jan '91 there are a bunch of silks including a different blue. Ha. See below.

1.) In a current book I see the R121 Blue Diffusion and R125 Blue Cyc Silk.

In July 1982: there was R120, 121, 122, 123 but none of the silk series (R124 > R127). Also...
In July 1982: there were a couple blues in the general frost series: R107 Cool Frost, R108 Daylight Frost, and R109 Cool Silk.

In January 1991...R107 > R109 were still in the book. Plus 8 new silks added from R124 thru R131. R129 Sky Blue Silk might be your answer. Lighter than R125, transmission 14% for R129, 8% for R125 in this book.

Then at an unknown date but later/newer than the 1991... R107 > R109 went away. R123 disappeared. R124 > R127 moves to what we see in the current books, dropping 4 silks out.

Wait. What? There were more questions? I didn't see any help for the other ones.

...haven't looked at Brigham or Roscogel lately. Some nice stuff.

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Hey Reidly!!
The Rosco 108 makes sense for the one labeled G108. It is a sky blue, and frosted thru, like R111.
However the other sheet is only frosted on one side of the sheet, not unlike the R121, but paler. I was wondering if there was a Sky Blue Frost at R128 next to the Sky Blue Silk at 129.

Who knew that I would regret not keeping all my old gel books!! (Though I do still have my 1982 RoscoLene book from college! and a Cinemoid book bound with string. )

Thanks for the reply, buddy.


Here they are, sitting on my 1981 first edition Warfel text.
2019-05-24 15.29.46.jpg

I like that somebody had written 'new' on the Cinemoid book.


Well, I may not have kept the swatchbooks, but I found a photo of the gel showing the label. It's not R128.
The winner is
Roscolux 152.

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