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    Next Flash Lights.

    I recently purchased a similar flashlight, an Olight i13t EOS. It has the same belt or shirt clip but I took mine off and just keep it in my pant pocket. It makes it quickly accessible and beats phone flashlights. It uses one AAA battery which was a desired feature. It keeps the size small and I...
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    Rubber tire boom stands

    Here is the one from the tire store. It does't look adequate for a Super Trouper, more like for a Trouperette.
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    Rubber tire boom stands

    Really, I've never made one. The one I saw before any concrete was someone had attached a pipe flange onto a tire rim. This was over forty years ago. It would seem there are some tricky bits like how do you keep the pipe vertical while the concrete sets?
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    Rubber tire boom stands

    Saw one at the tire store yesterday. I also think that for the effort there are better solutions.
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    Control/Dimming Colortran Prestige Help

    In my fuzzy recollections of this console I seem to remember that, just as with the Status, knowing the "Clear All" function was important when it would misbehave.
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    Refurbishing Century Edkotron

    It sure looks as if a diode was replaced at some point. If a potentiometer is bad I would think there is some chance in finding a replacement but if the nylon gear that slides over the shaft is bad then I'm not sure where a good one could be found.
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    DMX Input Not Working

    This is a situation of limited information where one can only really guess or give an opinion. My guess is that zeners are there only for protection on DMX line and replacing them wouldn't necessarily restore DMX function. They look as if they have been intentionally removed maybe in attempt to...
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    HELP! Im stuck on a NSI MC 7532

    I was familiar with this console at one point in the past. I believe it always had a DMX output but I seem to recall that it had to be enabled in the settings. I also seem to recall patching had to done with the wheel and was tedious.I found a YouTube video made by the service department that...
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    G.W. Craig C-clamp

    Autocorrect fail. It appears to be something for your bicycle or something for hunting deer. Thank you, Ron.
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    G.W. Craig C-clamp

    A reliable thespian packrack? At least I have good company.
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    What is it about this design...

    Probably my upbringing but I look at the top image and Confessional comes into my mind. Any relationship with courtrooms?
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    sACN Info

    In my years of doing installs, systems were always set up to use multicast. Routers were provided by the factory and came preconfigured.
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    sACN Info

    A quick search and here is more info:
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    Altman 360Q Focus

    I am glad you are making progress. I really wasn't suggesting rehanging the fixture. I was just saying to tilt it temporarily on flat wall above to see field better.
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    Altman 360Q Focus

    Lamp alignment on 360Q is certainly awkward compared to something like S4. Are all of the lamps the same? And what are they? Fixture in image 2073 looks in sharp focus while 2072 not so much. For pictures it's better if fixture is aimed above artwork.My first impression is that this is an...