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    Preference: JBL EON615 v. Mackie SRM 650 v. Yamaha DXR

    I agree with what has been said about the front fill/main array issue. However, I personally find the DXRs to hold up well. They are priced right, they get loud (well), and sound pretty darn good all of the way up. Are they Meyer or Nexo? No. But the twelve and a horn don't cost $6000 either. My...
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    How practical is a PM1D for a church install?

    I agree with the previous seems like you have your cart before the horse sonically speaking. I think that maybe you need to reevaluate what needs the money and where. I haven't heard the kla series, but I have heard everything else qsc puts out....hmm. I had to design a system for...
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    K-Array Redline Speakers

    2nd the meyer conventional point source boxes!
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    Digital Sound Board Recommendations

    I would like to comment on a few things. First, yamaha does not make the "cheap" digital boards...if you notice, that have desks that go from 2500 (one of the best digital boards in that price range in both sound and feature set) to over $100 with their no longer made PM1D. I've mixed on all of...
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    Control Booth monitors?

    I feel lucky/unlucky in the fact that I typically mix all summer long in an amphitheater with a bangin' Meyer system that fills our house area +\- 3db fairly flat response in a 600+ seat concrete box. However, our foh is behind the seating area and out of coverage. For jukebox musicals (we do...