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    Set Design Software

    If I remember correctly Lightwrite and AutoCAD "talk" so you can look at everything together.
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    Choosing between two great schools

    thanks for the info, and your right I have made my choice and ill be attending Syracuse in the fall. I posted this when I was a little more ambiguous about what part of the industry I wanted to be in, and Stage Management has caught my eye more and more since then. And i know that networking is...
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    Techie sayings

    Our crew recently developed a fascination with the Muppets, as when we panic it looks like a Muppet dancing. (Arms flailing, mouth open in a silent scream etc.) Therefore our pre-show head set check ends with "No mas Muppets, no mas"
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    POLL: Staying Awake

    I'm a regular with coffee and having one to two large mugs a day keeps me out of the head ache area, but it takes more than that to really energize me.
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    Choosing between two great schools

    Thanks for the input guys, the reason I was asking for alumni or others familiar with the programs to weigh in was mostly because I was hoping to gain a better understanding of how well the schools are networked, as many of the other factors listed in dereklettews post are essentially a wash or...
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    Choosing between two great schools

    Im new to the sight and was hoping to gain some insight on choosing the right school. I am a stage management/design tech major graduating from High School. I have been accepted to both University of Wisconsin Stephens Point (BFA technical theater), and Syracuse University (BFA stage management)...