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    Use of MIrrorball

    Anybody got any ideas about how to rig a mirror ball (i.e.disco-ball) to spin on a horizontal axis, so that the spots go down on stage (and up in the audience side!) instead of round? MichaelS
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    DMX over dimmer wiring

    Yes. Just using the wiring.
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    DMX over dimmer wiring

    I know it is possible to sent digital signals over power wiring in a house to control light switches, etc. As an alternative to an extensive and expensive retro-fix DMX cabling for LEDs replacing old tungsten instruments i wonder if it is possible to use existing dimmer circuit power wiring to...
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    Control/Dimming Default fade timing

    When switching between different sets on different parts of the stage I have found that a 1 sec fade in time works and 3 sec fade down well.