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    Projections for Three Screens--windows

    Hello again, I just wanted to post about this before my brain explodes. I work at a high school and we are currently doing "Letters to Sala" which includes projections. We have already rented three projectors and three screens, but I'm trying to figure out the computer end of things. I had...
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    Letter drop

    Oh, she knows. She tends to think very very big. Very big. And this is for a high school show. I think everyone will be happy if we get 30 seconds out of one, and I build two.
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    Letter drop

    Snail mail. Some with envelopes, some without. The director wants them to fall over a span of about 10 feet, and have them fall over a minute.
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    Letter drop

    Hi all, I'm working with a show where the end of the show requires letters to fall from the sky. I have plans for a traditional drop box (two bottom flaps and a loose pin hinge) But I'm not sure I like the sudden "dump" these have. Has anyone found a way to make the contents fall more gradually...
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    Champagne Glasses

    I was about to suggest museum putty. In my experience, it's worked well but does have the tendency to melt or drip if it gets too warm.
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    Zero-Throw Casters are....moving too much

    Howdy, I have probably one of the better problems to have: We are doing "Meet Me in St. Louis" and I'm currently in the process of building the Trolley. I had decided to put zero-throw casters on the bottom of the trolley to allow it to pivot and turn every which way during the trolley song and...
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    Building an Island out of foam-help!

    Hey everybody, My experience with foam is pretty limited to vertical scenery, so I'm in new territory right now. The director wants an island, (roughly 3x3 to 5x5) that can move around stage and be placed at different angles. It needs to hold 2 to 3 middle schoolers and be able to be moved by...
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    Recording on an LS9 console

    I wanting to record just onto the USB recorder. I'm only using one input (a overhead condenser mic). No other outputs or anything.
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    Recording on an LS9 console

    Hi All, I'm still a huge newbie on the Yamaha LS9 mixing console and I've been asked to record a choir concert using it. Currently, I've only been able to record silence, and I think it's because all the tutorials I've been able to find are for concerts that they are using amplification, and I'm...
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    How do you store your Gobos?

    Hi all, I just started as a TD at a school with a large theatre program. They've never had a TD before, so I'm starting from scratch in terms of storage and organization. We currently have a box with a dozen or so gobos and about 20 template holders and was wondering what the best way to store...