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    SPEAKER: 3 way vs 2 way

    Yea, they weigh 77lbs each. I wouldn't want to try to put them up on a pole ... even if they had cups ..... which they don't ;)Having said that, I usually see them stacked on top of subs. When used stand alone without subs, it is easy enough to get them up on a table.
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    Mixers/Consoles Allen-Heath GLD 112

    As another poster has said, you can get the same features from an X32 (actually more channels) for $4K.I am a big fan of A&H mixers, but I found the workflow on both the console and the iPad app more difficult than the X32 and Presonus StudioLive.Analog may also be a decent option; however...
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    SPEAKER: 3 way vs 2 way

    I would highly recommend the 735's for several reasons:The vocal reproduction through these 3 way's is superior to the 725's to my ears. The 735 is simply more musical when reproducing vocals, strings, and the like. For much the same reason, stand-alone operation of the 735 is better than...
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    behringer x32

    Behringer X32 - Putting FX into Monitors - NRCC - YouTubeAlternately, you could go to the FX page, and on the right side, select one of the efx engines to have reverb. Then on the left of the effect, select the bus you have your monitor on and put it on the insert. You can have the insert be...
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    New outdoor venue tops... Thoughts?

    I have been using the DSR112's for about 2 years now. I picked them because their bottom punch in the mid low frequency was better than the PRX612's. I use them as tops over a pair of PRX618S-XLF's which cross-over at 90Hz giving those DSR's some LF to shine with ;)The DSR's are a very...
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    New outdoor venue tops... Thoughts?

    Well .... it depends. How many people outside, and what kind of music?
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    Presonus Studio Live 24.4.2 or Behringer X32

    1) Yes, the X32 is limited to controlling 16 input faders per page; however, it has LCD scribble strips. When you change layers, the names of the channels, colors, and icons associated with the channel all change too. It is quite easy to understand what you are controlling when you change...
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    Sound f/x Connecting Yamaha Rev 500 to Allen & Heath GL3000 Mixer

    re: Connecting Yamaha Rev 500 to Allen & Heath GL3000 MixerUse a 1/4" cable from the Aux 5 output into the LEFT 1/4" input on the REV500.Use 2 1/4" cables from the L and R outputs on the REV500 and plug them into the return 1 left and right 1/4" inputs.Go into the setup menu (not sure what...