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    wow, i've been completely pwned... whatever that means.. :-) of course you need the right equipment, but sometimes that just doesn't work as planned and is not your own fault. (technical limitations, budget.. etc) R104 is just a little magic trick that not many people seem to know about.
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    The secret to even cyc washes: R104.
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    LED Strips... Help Please!?

    Selador has incredible line of LED strips. They are quite pricey, but VERY worth it. Our touring company just picked up about 32 units and I'm happy with every single fixture we've received. The 7 color LED system seems like overkill at first, but then after 3 minutes of use, you can...
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    Dimming 5K Fresnels ?

    Once again, 5K's are great, but they are a workhorse. I would never hang them in a space with a grid less than 20ft or with a proscenium width less than 30ft. It's just flat-out overkill.I mostly use 5K's arri's for front color washes w/wybron 5k format scrollers in Studio Black Boxes in a...
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    Dimming 5K Fresnels ?

    5K's are fantastic. I use them all the time... (with a large format scroller, they become a whole new lighting tool) A few things to remember: -A DPY 5K lamp can be expensive ($250.00 ish) so be sure to ALWAYS warm the lamp a few minutes before rushing a full 120v onto them. NEVER move them...
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    How to keep your gels from burning out too quickly

    Just remember, when using heat-shield, you must always have a gap of some sort between the gel and the heat-shield (1" or so). you just can't put both in a single gel frame, it just doesn't work. Use a gel extender / barn door (w/duel gel slots) or similar.
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    Whos burned them sleves on a light

    Correct me if i'm wrongbut burning yourself on a light is a pre-rec for any sort of tech work.
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    New lights on a strict budget

    I'll play devils advocate and say that I'm not too fond of the S4 Jr.'s In my experience (2 or 3 shows using a hand full of s4jr's) their light output is not of the highest caliber, and the zooms are even worse. It could be the units I was using, but out of 20 fixtures, I was not happy. I...
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    Using a standard house light bulb

    Ikea makes a great lamp socket and drop cord combo for under 8 bucks a pop.
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    I-Cues ?

    I used 2 icues when they first came out and ever since I've had at least 2 in each of my lighting plots. they can just flat-out save your ass.
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    CYC fixture w/a gel scroller...?

    It's not a Wybron fixture. Or if it was it was some botched adaptor plate, none of their mounting plates fit on any Cyc units. Any other thoughts
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    CYC fixture w/a gel scroller...?

    I swear that I saw a cyc fixture w/a gel scroller attached to the front. But for the life of me, I cannot remember who makes either the light or the scrolller.. Any ideas?
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    "stuck" as a designer...ways to get out

    go watch a show. if it's fantastic, you'll be inspired, if it sux, you'll know what not to do. that always seems to get me out of a creative rut.
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    ETC's new EDLT's anyone?

    fantastic for glass cmyk gobos. the color rendition was fantastic and i could get a razor sharp edge.
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    Repainting a Source4

    the truth is, you will void the UL listing no matter what you do to them. adding a new coat of paint / removing the old one is something that UL highly frowns upon. on the other hand, i don't know of a rental house that does not have some repainted fixtures in it's inventory. as long as your...