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    I have an over 100 year old curtain track. WHAT SHOULD I DO WITH IT???

    Are the carriers round balls with the hook through the middle? Seen something like that before in an ancient community theatre.
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    educational theatre videos

    In six parts on Youtube. One of my favorites.
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    A historical question: "Leicas and Fresnels" ?

    Any possibility that Leica was referring to the lens manufacturer? The closest thing I can find is slide projectors, but the company had several different names until the 80's, it is all very confusing. Still a thought.
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    Need help in identifying this spotlight

    Use the larger of the slotted screws to remove the cap and see if a lamp is still in it or what the socket looks like. Seeing what lamp it used will help some identify the fixture time period. The hammer tone color reference is just the paint on the outside. Like cars and such, the paint job...
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    Replacing borders with no fullness?

    Buy it flat if you want, but longer. If fullness is need, add it when you tie it on. If you do not need fullness, just tie it flat and fold it back flat.
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    Flicker Vertigo

    Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon both had TV broadcasts that caused seizures and illness in viewers for strobe effects.
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    Fake snow for snow bag I've used this company for several of their effects. Good advice on not reusing the snow as well.
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    Construction collapse threatens Saenger in NOLA

    News post that shows a video taken a few days earlier where bent support jacks are pointed out.
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    Control/Dimming Help w/ Spec'ing Power for New Dimmer Installation

    Nope. High School system. Never came close.
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    Control/Dimming Help w/ Spec'ing Power for New Dimmer Installation

    Wasn't there some conversations years back about oversizing feeds to dimmer racks to reduce harmonics on the neutral and ground lines? Is that still in play? I know when I had two full CD 80 racks installed there was only 800amps 3 phase provided for the two. Never had a problem and still...
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    Control/Dimming Help w/ Spec'ing Power for New Dimmer Installation

    When and where does a max load of 80% capacity come into play? I've had some facility electricians bring that up to me when they run disconnects for our pds'. They're telling me we can only use up to 80% of the fuse rating in the disconnect.
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    I have no words.....

    480 volt, I believe.
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    I have no words.....

    If you have to do it wrong, here is a good example.
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    Lighting controller lead times...

    Kind of like MA 3 having to run MA 2 software? Build it first fix it later.
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    Lighting controller lead times...

    Actually no. I got two consoles from them within a week of ordering.