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    Hey Guys! So I have some EOS paperwork and in the document it says to adjust the PDF to landscape and larger paper to make it easier to read. Does anyone know how to actually do that? Thanks!
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    Overheating Colorblasts

    Hey all, I'm working with the old style colorblasts. I believe the brain is overheating. They start to blink when used at full for more than 60 minutes. Any tips appreciated but I'm renting and think I will call the rental house for a replacement tomorrow. Attaching a picture of the brain...
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    ETC Ion Patch Issue (Address works, not Channel)

    Hi! I am working a show going up tomorrow, I have all of my LED fixtures working, and a bunch of my conventionals, however I am having an issue with about 30 of the dimmers, here is the issue: I can bring the lights up via address, so address 90 thru 132 at full and they come up, I can park...
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    Colorblast (looking for expertise using LED fixtures)

    Hi All, I am about to do a show in March where I am planning on using Colorblasts to light the walls of the space. My only concern is that the stage I am lighting is all light wood on the walls. I am going to attach a picture to this thread to demonstrate, but for those who have experience...
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    littlelite bulb replacement

    Ditto on the tech, I am one littlelite down... guess ill keep tugging at it! Thank you
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    littlelite bulb replacement

    I tried pulling it off the end, but it wont come off. Do I need to just really wrench it off? Afraid to break it. Thank you
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    littlelite bulb replacement

    Hi all! Anyone know how to get the cover off a littlelite to replace the bulb? I cannot for the life of me. Figure out how to get the cover off or the new bulb in. Thank you forever!!
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    Fluorescent Flickering?

    I am using the ETC Express
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    Design Issues and Solutions Mirrors!!

    Thanks for the tips everyone! I have also heard hairspray before, but the angling of the mirrors sounds like a really good idea. The director is 100% certain to use the mirrors, so I am going to do my best!! Did I mention I only have 24 dimmers? And need some specials? It is going...
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    Fluorescent Flickering?

    Hello, I am doing a show where I am using some fluorescent fixtures that I have gelled. As part of the show we are trying to have some "technical issues" happen at the beginning of the show and one we would like to do is flickering of the fluorescents. I have seen it done before where not...
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    Design Issues and Solutions Mirrors!!

    Hey, Does anyone have any tips for lighting with very large mirrors on stage? Not theatre mirrors, but real 4x10 mirrors (3 of them) that would be against the upstage wall of the set. I am working in a space with a grid that is about 11' high, so it will certainly be a challenge. Any...