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    Seeking Portable LED Rig Advice

    honestly probably what I ask for - would love to keep it $5k to $8k. We definitely don't want to go for cheap crap.
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    Seeking Portable LED Rig Advice

    Our company is looking to spend some pandemic relief funds ASAP (before Jan 1) and we want to update our small portable lighting rig that we use for smaller performances outside of our venue. Wanting to go LED and expect to invest in new trees and a small console. Because of my super limited...
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    Make Up Table Lighting

    TomJ et all, I'd like to amend my original advice: if I were doing your project, I'd go with nothing but the RELAX warm white LED from GE. (of course Phillips has a product called REVEAL...why can't we just say "bulb")
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    Make Up Table Lighting

    Oh gosh yal I stand corrected! I was plugging the wrong thing apparently. Looks like what I meant was their RELAX bulb. I never realized they packaged them this way: RELAX is the warmest white, REVEAL is the mid Kelvin temp white, and REFRESH is the cool white. Lord. I guess that's a smart...
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    Make Up Table Lighting

    Not sure where you're shopping, but I have multipacks of the warm white REVEAL (came in the red box) in the 40w, 60w, and 100w equivalent -- I use all three lumen output ratings in my home, and they are all the warm white. Got them all at my Lowe's in Alabama. I've never seen/tried the other...
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    Make Up Table Lighting

    YES! on my soap box here: I agree that you should forget tunable makeup mirror lighting - it's unnecessary and will make your project more $$$. You DO have to watch out for too high a color temp (too blue) with any LED but I must plug the REVEAL LED line from Phillips. They are the warmest...
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    President-Elect Joe Biden

    I for one am thrilled to finally have an adult in charge. Mostly looking forward to not having to give a damn whenever I hear that crazy cheese puff on the news. My cats will tell you I've mumbled "God help us" around the house too much in the last four years. I'm relieved to change that to...
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    Work from home resources

    We are really looking at having our group go through the ESAT course, but was wondering about how long each of the modules takes to complete? Anyone know about how long the whole training takes to get through?
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    Well... there it is.

    We have a show in rehearsals with the set build to commence on Monday - we were told today to postpone construction until further notice....
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    Well... there it is.

    I wish there was an "oh sh*t" emoji on here. I am so thankful that I work for a state institution. Many of my theatre friends are going to be royally screwed by this whole situation..... Meanwhile, us regional folk have to weigh out the options to continue with productions already in the works...
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    Well... there it is.
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    Find the fixture!

    So....trying to help an electrician friend (commercial not theatrical) determine what mysterious fixture is hung in a church he's working on. All I have to go by is the lamp type he found inside. So far I haven't seen a pic of the fixture in the air. What in hell theatrical lighting fixture...
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    ISO Greased Lightning rental/purchase

    We ended up overhauling a real 48 Chevy. It ended up being a ton of work but we had a full-sized car onstage. Lots of welding and bondo work. Definitely was a monster of a project. It was big and hard to move but it was a show-stopper. We no longer have it though I'm sorry to say.
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    Low profile wagon, Broadway-style

    I went back and looked over the drawings from the show, the large wagon we did for PRODUCERS was 26'x8' and rode on only 28 Rosebrand "Pallet Casters," with knives riding in two vertical guide tracks in the show deck. You can hear it's relatively quiet -- nothing that music didn't cover during...
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