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    ETC ColorSource Spot Jr Announced

    Was looking at the spec sheet for Colorsource Jr and I notice it’s tested to UL1598, which I recall specifically says that it can’t be applied to “Stage and Studio Luminaries”, or “Amateur Movie Lights”. What is the intended application for them if not on stage, studio, or movies?Also I took a...
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    DMXGAFF is finally here!

    Are you selling a knock off or the real thing? Your price is MUCH cheaper than the vendor. Doug Fleenor Design has it listed at $512. I don't see it listed yet at Production Advantage. I'm just a little leery of your pricing. I was in a theater that was beta testing this but it was kept under...
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    My first time experience

    Well, tomorrow starts my first time going to LDI and I will be documenting that experience in this thread. I'm excited to report out but would love to field questions as well so that I can make this even more meaningful to everyone.This thread is especially for you if you don't know what LDI...
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    LDI 2018

    @igeek207 The app updated to the 2018 in the last two weeks.
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    Who is going to LDI 2018?

    TechTeamA will be there. I will be covering the event from the perspective of a first-timer to LDI. Excited to finally go. In Early out late.
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    Stage Research SFX Script Info

    I would love to know if you ever figured this out. I know it’s been a long time since you posted it. Hoping you learned lots. I too have been checking out the webpage for Sfx and haven’t found great docs.I would love to know more about user effects and scripts.
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    Town Hall controversial topics, killing the mic

    I knew it would be fine, but it was on gun control with the city council and mayor. The crowd was great, the staff for the city were great. They did have a timing light. It was manually operated and you will love the photo. There were three lights, green, yellow, and red. Yes, someone had to sit...
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    Town Hall controversial topics, killing the mic

    I have an upcoming town hall with a controversial topic. I have see the website and they say the public will have 2-3 minutes to talk and have to sign up to do so. They have posted rules for signs and other policies. Of course I will be checking with the powers that be about how they want it...
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    Strand Vision Net Work light issues

    Two questions, How do I know what version of I need/have. I don't currently have the software, where can I find it. It looks like I have to contact Strand/phillips to get it?Feel free to contact me directly.
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    LDI 2017. Gaff's full report

    Thank you. I feel like I got to see part of the show. Be it .1%. I can' wait to go learn all the new gear out there.
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    Your Master file or Default file

    Do you have a Master light file (or sound)? I have recently had some light shined on me about some professionals havin a master default show file. I don't but now really want one. So a few questions; Do you have one? What do you include in yours? Do you travel with in? (For any venue to...
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    Light Board Problems

    Reboot it. I have had something similar to that. I haven't found the real answer yet. oh, be sure to save.
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    Here I am

    I have been doing theater work for over 10 years now and joind CB over a year ago but just now getting back to it. I currently work in a HighSchool/Preforming Arts Center. TechTeamA