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    Hello everyone!

    Thank you all for the warm welcome. Yes, I know that I have a "k" instead of an "h"...I use this name for multiple purposes, and "Techboy" has already been taken on many of them (not just forums, but games as well). I look forward to meeting more of you.
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone, I joined CB in 2010, however never really got involved in the forums due to time. Now I figure I will try to get involved in discussions and look forward to learning from all of you who have experience in the entertainment business. A little about me, I am beginning my...
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    Higher Education

    I am currently beginning my studies at Full Sail University. Some may have some opinions on the school, but it is an accelerated program, and you get a BS in 21 months... I am in Show Production and Touring, so I work with lights, audio, and media portions of a show. When I am further in...