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    Timecode cue software

    If you have a Mac, using something like the program Twisted Wave allows you to view the timestamp in a Broadcast Wave file. If you know the start time of your file, you can use the program WaveAgent to set the start time in the Wav file that Twisted Wave can read. Then just set your markers in...
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    3rd party control of ETC Paradigm

    Monitor a sACN channel.
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    Small Budget Showcontrol

    Search eBay for an Alcorn McBride v4 or v16. You can get one for under $200. There’s a v16 for $99 right now! Get it!
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    Midi Timecode?

    If you have access to a Mac it’s not too hard to achieve. Use a program like Horae (on Mac App Store) to generate an LTC audio file. Then attach this as a track to your audio file. Then download the program Loopback from Amoeba Software to route the LTC track back into Horae which can then...
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    ETC Response DMX Gateway and Altman PHX RDM

    I use hundreds of Altman Phoenix fixtures. Sadly yes you have discovered, RDM is not properly implemented in these fixtures and will not work on an ETC gateway. Hopefully the next rev of Phoenix firmware will correct this. Oh please hopefully :)
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    Previsualization software for dancing water fountains

    The screen shot looks to be D3 (Disguise).
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    Control/Dimming Hog4 Hue/Saturation or CMY?

    Standardizing between fixtures won't quite be a thing. Color engines on different fixtures will be different no matter how you get there. More often than not, you'll end up adjusting colors on a new light even if you clone it from another light using real world values. My brain works with CMY...
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    LED Tape pulsating

    Do you have RDM turned off on your console/node?
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    Lighting controller lead times...

    What controller is it?
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    How To Setup Timecode?

    If you have LTC available, you can use something like this to convert to MTC.
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    Any ideas what this means?

    This is a result of using Rope Light ;-)
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    Power cord, w/heat-shrink label THEATER ?

    Be cheaper to make your own and add these
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    Sample *.dmx show record file

    ESP Vision also does a live stream capture to a file.
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    What's wrong with the board?

    Something wedged in the Stage Key?