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    Control/Dimming Female Edison to male stage pin question

    Hello, I am a high school teacher. I am primary a band guy but I am also the theater guy. My question is about using a female Edison to male stage pin. I know there are other threads on this topic but I have found them difficult to understand. I recently bought 2 cables like this so I can...
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    Wireless Help with purchasing wireless microphones

    Thank you everyone. This is all helpful information.
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    Wireless Help with purchasing wireless microphones

    I am new on this site. I know some about sound equipment (I can see I have a lot to learn). I know there are many threads already on this subject but there is also a lot that I do not understand in them. I am looking into getting some new microphones for my school. We need 2 new hand held...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello, My name is Steve. I am a new band director and theater director. I studied music education in northern West Virginia and teach middle and high school in nearby Ohio. I have also been given charge of all the audio equipment in the building. I have been playing music for over 10 years...