1. S

    0-10v dimming conversion to 10-0v?

    Hello, first time poster here but have run into a dimming situation I can't find a solution to.We have a PC running an Enttec ode mk II. It sends DMX to, among other things, a 0-10V (sink) controller. This is tied to the house lights. Note, that the building is a gymnasium with a stage on the...
  2. Robert Engel

    Control of 0-10v Architectural LED can lights

    I've got another question about 0-10v dimming. The problem is the typical architectural style of 0-10 that the drivers source current for the dimmer / control to sink where zero on the control equals minimum brightness of the can lights, but only when power is switched off do the lights really...
  3. Rose03

    Convert DMX to 10v analog

    I recently started working at one of the few remaining outposts of 0-10v analog dimmer control. The desk is a grumpy old Leprecon 624. I would like to use ETC Nomad or some other DMX control so the question is: is there a way to convert DMX to 10v analog on a budget?
  4. Bubby4j

    Control/Dimming Pathway Demultiplexer Troubleshooting

    I have a Pathway 1004 eDIN Demultiplexer (Rev 2) that either seems defective, or is set up incorrrectly.The problem: In test mode (or normal DMX mode) it drives the output from 0-0.5v instead of 0-10v, I can't seem to get it to go to the full 10v.It's being used to control 0-10v electronic...