1. mrtrudeau23

    Arduino Webinar

    YouTube Stream Link: Facebook Event Link:Previous Arduino Webinars in this series: to control LED tape with your Arduino? How about lightbulbs, speakers, power modules, or IR transmitters? The Arduino...
  2. Jay Ashworth

    Dead Express?

    I an contemplating -- because I am a weirdo -- the idea of repurposing a dead Express console as a wing, say, for M-PC, by ripping out the existing CPU board, and replacing it with something more... malleable. Like an Arduino. Or an RPi 3, with some hat.Anyone got a 48/96 gathering dust in a...
  3. Jackalope

    Add Fixtures to library Strand Palette Live

    Hi all,We have successfully created a dmx controlled keyboard emulator using arduino shields and components to trigger Qlab. We are hoping to create a fixture for the emulator so that instead of dealing with 5 channels, we can use the encoders as transport controls. I couldn't find any...