1. Jekyll

    GVP4096 LED Video Moving Head Art-Net Problems

    Hi all,I have recently purchased 2 x GVP4096 LED Video Moving Heads for a production I am designing. Photos attached. They are basically a 64x64 RGB LED video panel attached to a moving head yoke.I have managed to set up the DMX portion of the fixture into the lighting console and I can...
  2. Joshualangman

    QLab does lighting now

    Just spreading the word.
  3. K

    Hog 4 PC Network over sACN or Art-Net

    So, I'm in a pickleI'm going to be designing (which around here means being an entire lighting crew) a show, and I really need/want every intelligent fixture we have for this show, but some dumb scheduling has left me with an express, where I was planning on a Hog 3. I've been running Hog 3 PC...