1. H

    Scenery Elevator Thoughts

    Hey All.So I am designing this production which is going to take place on a large 3' stage in the center of the room.I was wondering what the feasibility is/ how would i go about designing small elevators in the platform so that all of the furniture in various scenes could live inside the...
  2. stellabrickroad

    hydraulic lift beast transition?

    I'm pretty sure the one production I've seen of Beauty and the Beast used a hyadraulic lift instead of ZFX lines, but I'm having trouble finding any videos of this version of the transition being done. Does anyone out there know where I can find a video or information about doing the transition...
  3. PeterV

    Creative Conners introduces Spotline Practical

    Creative Conners, Inc. introduces Spotline Practical, a new small, form-factor hoist with a powered lifting line and integrated motion controller. Spotline Practical easily lifts small scenic elements and practical lighting while maintaining safety standards and ease of use. Controlled by...
  4. T

    16' clock with moving hands, need ideas for control and programing

    I'm working on a Christmas Carol build and were balls to the wall right now. This show is massive. One element is a 16' diameter clock with a minute and hour hand. I need to be able to control the movements of the hands. The biggest hand is 8' long and weighs in at right around 3 lbs. We used...
  5. M

    Rigging a traveling hard flat. HELP!

    HELLO EVERYONE!! I recently started working at a theater that does not have a fly system but there is plenty of dead hang space, including three traveling curtains. My question is, would it be possible to remove the curtains from their track and attach hanging, hard flats instead? I am trying to...
  6. Joshualangman

    Affordable automation for very lightweight scenery?

    Hi all!Here’s a fun question. Please note: this is for preliminary brainstorming purposes only. It’s for a show that hasn’t even entered preproduction, and I’m just exploring some first ideas. I will not attempt to implement any automation myself, as I am not a scenic or automation designer...