1. Glossy Shines

    Kliegl Bros. Type SP Patch Panel

    Thanks for having me. I have been working in the local TV broadcast business for almost 20 years at stations in Western NY and North Carolina, before moving to Georgia. I work at a TV station that still has a Kliegl Bros Type SP patch panel in use. It is connected to a "newer" SmartFade ETC...
  2. CHAUVET Professional

    CHAUVET Professional Lighting Insights: ArtNET - Broadcast vs Unicast

    Art-Net has been around for some time, but recently it’s undergone some profound changes. A new generation of Unicast Art-Net has arrived on the scene allowing data to be transmitted more efficiently than was possible with the earlier Broadcast mode. Our own Sam Bowden, explains how Unicast...
  3. D

    Broadcast sound clips over walkies

    I'm trying to have an actor hold a walkie and listen to a cop on the other end. I have a sound clip of the police that I would like to play over the walkie. Does anyone know a simple mod to the walkie or a way to broadcast via computer? Any advice would be appreciated, I'm kinda stuck with...