1. TuckerD

    Resources about Color Science / Color Management

    Hi all!I was debating posting this in multimedia but I figured that it would get more attention here. I work in color science / color management of LED display technologies. I've been asked several times over the last year for a list of reading materials / books / links / etc... that some one...
  2. M

    Ion v2.5 - Changes to Calibrating Scrollers?

    Hey All,I'm doing a show with an Ion running v2.5 and some Forerunner 7" scrollers (powered by Apollo's Smart PSU if it matters).My ME just went to calibrate the scrollers and it seems the profile has changed? You can't wheel to the +/- of the frame and then hold down the encoder and hit...
  3. R

    Coloram Calibration Trouble

    I'm having an issue calibrating Coloram scrollers on an ETC Ion. I am familiar with the calibration process, but the scrolls are so far off that when I attempt to calibrate them, they are automatically assigned to the frame previous. For example, Frame 4 displays what is actually frame 6. When I...