1. ademhayyu1

    Creating a Circuit Map

    Hi Hi!!As a part of my process of creating a rep plot for my high school's theater, I would like to create a circuit map but I can't find any examples or templates online. Does anyone have any examples or some tips on creating one? Could I possibly draft one on Vectorworks? (I'm not that...
  2. Rose03

    Send DMX over Bates?

    This is probably a terrible ideas but I want to know. Is it possible to send a 3pin dmx signal down a dimming circuit that is not connected to a dimmer? Would there be too much interference from other live circuits?
  3. Les

    Altman Shakespeare Lamp Contact Problems

    The community theatre where I was recently hired on has a few Altman Shakespeare's that have problems with the lamp sockets. The instruments sometimes "ghost" on and off, and it is evident that there has been some arcing on the lamp posts. Usually if you just take the lamps out, flip them and...