electrical wiring

  1. Nathan.D

    Chain Hoist wiring question

    My theater just bought 2x 120v 1/4-ton chain hoists for a good bargain. They work, but the wiring they came with is held together by wire nuts, electrical tape, and prayers. Notably some old 10/3 cable was used to replace the cable that connects the pickle. This was achieved by leaving the...
  2. E

    Design Need Advice Creating Battery Operated Candelabras

    Hello, I'm a student lighting designer and I am currently designing the lights for a production that needs 4 candelabras that are brought on and off stage by actors that are battery powered and have a switch for the flames to turn on. The current set up is using 4 chandeliers that have 5 bulb...
  3. macsound

    ETC SmartBar Power

    Hey all Looking at installing a couple ETC Smartbars and I'm struggling at what to tell the Electrician what power I need. The specific model I'm looking at is ETC 6 Circuit White SmartBar 2 (3 Phase Cable in, Dual Edison Out) (B&H Link)It states a 4 Wire + Ground L21-20 which I'm totally...
  4. C

    Control/Dimming Understanding NEC / Panelboard Breaker Capacities & Quantities for a Sound Stage

    I’m hoping to learn if there are any rules-of-thumb regarding a permanently-installed breaker panel and the quantity and capacity of the breakers located within it. The space in question is a soundstage for single-camera film/video shoots (within a commercial office building), which under normal...
  5. patrickh

    Favorite Quick Disconnect Electrical Connector

    What's your favorite quick disconnect, single wire, electrical connector? I am thinking 14-18AWG. Currently, spade connectors are my go-to, but they pull off easily and are hard to pull apart many times. The usage of this is for set practicals, LED PSU Connections, Wireless Dimmer Battery...