1. ademhayyu1

    ETCNomad and Element mirroring

    Hello,I just got a new ETCNomad and a wifi router for our school's lighting console. I'm having trouble mirroring the console to my Nomad. They're both on the same wifi (the console is connected via ethernet and my Nomad is connected via Wifi) but I still get the same "Finding Master Console"...
  2. M

    ETC Express upgrade

    Hey all! New to CB, but so far see a wealth of info out there! Small community theatre here with a 282 seat house. Have a ETC Express and looking to upgrade so we can start incorporating LED, moving lights, etc. Am considering an Element or Element 2, possibly preowned due to budget...
  3. Stan Gibbs

    ETC Element Locked channel

    One of my channels is locked on, even though I have not parked it. It turns on when I switch on the board, I can zero it out, but when I program cues, it automatically comes back on.
  4. Stevens R. Miller

    ETC Element: How to find the dimmer for a specific light?

    I'm in a theater with an unknown number of dimmers and an ETC Element (250-channel model). By patching channel 200 to addresses 210 through 505, I can get a specific light to light up. What I want to do is figure out which address in particular controls that specific light. I could use a kind of...
  5. soundtech193746

    Control/Dimming ETC Element - How do I open the color picker?

    Hi controlbooth community! This is a basic question, but how do I change the color of lights with the color picker. I found a few solutions; (ML controls, Add-a-Tab (the {+} sign) and select the Color Picker) please let me know what I should do. (The console is the ETC Element 60 500 (Eos...
  6. EHansenLX

    ETC Express & Moving Lights

    So I'm renting 2 Martin Mac 700 Profiles for an upcoming show and I was figuring on renting an Element as my control console. However, most of what I'm doing will be fairly simple and I'm wondering if just working with the Express 48/96 we already have would be sufficient.Anybody have any...
  7. jcslighting

    Anyone Have Experience with a showLED ConBox set-up?

    I am running a show tomorrow in a new event space that has a 16'x16' showLED curtain. The controller is currently set for stand alone mode and is just white when plugged in. The owners want to control it and use the colors with the house lighting console - an ETC Element. Tonight we ran a...