1. KidzSlimez

    Can anybody identify these blacklight fixtures? Sorry for the bad pics

    For context, these are in Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway at the Disneyland Resort. The fixtures look massive, and are about 40-50 feet up. Thanks!
  2. tdtastic

    Find the fixture!

    So....trying to help an electrician friend (commercial not theatrical) determine what mysterious fixture is hung in a church he's working on. All I have to go by is the lamp type he found inside. So far I haven't seen a pic of the fixture in the air. What in hell theatrical lighting fixture...
  3. ademhayyu1

    Conventional Fixtures Is this the right bulb?

    Hello!I'm putting together a list of lamps that we need to purchase for our HS Theater. For our LekoZoom 25-50deg, I would like to make sure that an EVR 120v500w bulb is right for the fixture. I want to make sure I have the right info before I pass it on.I am also curious about something as...
  4. ademhayyu1

    Any lights that are like this one?

    Hello!I am looking for a nice small cheap and maybe LED (LED isn't really necessary) fixture like this one main purpose would be for some sidelights (around the shins area, for clarity) but if I can afford some more I'd...
  5. C

    Painting Lighting Fixtures

    Hi! I am in possession of a bunch of white LED wash pars, all of which will be visible in the next production. What is the best way to paint them black? Since they are LED's will they need a high temp paint? Preferably a spray paint.Thanks in advance!
  6. A

    VENUE- ThinPar 64

    Has anyone had experience using Venue ThinPar 64s? For a show we are using about 26 in one DMX line with some other fixtures (movers, geyser fog machines) and all our other fixtures work great but the LEDs just don't seem to want to work right... Incorrect channels will turn on lights, some...
  7. A

    LED House Lights "Flick on"

    Hello, my school recently got a major upgrade and part of that was a transition to LED. Our incandescent house lights were replaced with dimmable LED fixtures. We are faced with a problem however, it seems every time we bring them up at the end of an event (after they have been off for awhile)...
  8. L

    American DJ Accu Spot Pro

    Hi, I was wondering if any one has used or has had any experience with this fixture? I have found a used pair online for a decent price and I was wondering if its worth buying or not?Thanks, Christian