1. J

    Accessing relative executors in grandMA2

    Is there a way to select an executor that is relative to the currently selected executor, e.g. Select Executor -1 or Off Executor -2 Thru -1?
  2. Dionysus

    GrandMA2 and Hippo/Critter

    A friend of mine has been trying to connect a venue's GrandMA2 and Green Hippo V3 and Critter.Neither of us has experience connecting video like this to the GrandMA (Im a QLab guy myself), but we'd like to make this work. We've had limited success connecting the two, managed to connect the two...
  3. S

    Control/Dimming GrandMA2 onPC with Crossover for Mac

    Happy New Year all!I'm trying to get GrandMA onPC running using Crossover ( on my Mac. For those of you unfamiliar, crossover basically helps you bottle and run windows programs on OSX or linux. I'm hoping to avoid a bootcamp or parallels solution for the...
  4. a.jenner

    Design Lost fixtures in MA3D

    Hey all,So it seems like I have lost some fixtures in my MA3D showfile. They are still patched in the console, but wont show up in 3D and have no items in the "Fixture Positions" tab in the patch. Anyone know how I get them to show up again without repatching them?Thanks
  5. I


    Hey guys, I really need two things:1-a led ball rgb 360º that i can visualize in grandma 3D. Is it possible to do that? If not, It is another way to simulate this?2.-It is possible to simulate a chandelier in GrandMa 3d? How?Thank you very much
  6. bmcewing

    LED spot/profile recommendations

    Hello, I am currently halfway through upgrading my venue's lighting stock which consisted of strand 2k alto fresnels/profiles and 24 1k pars. Our strand 530i has been replaced with a grandma2 ultra light with additional touchscreen and fader wing. FOH: 6 b-eye k10s, 8 robe dl4s. On stage: 12...
  7. NateJanota

    MA2: Throwing Executors

    Hey CB.So I'm having a major 24-year-old-senior-moment (why are you looking at me like that?) and I've forgotten how to make my quintessential busking page on the MA2.What I want is a series of Sequence Executor pages, separated via touchscreen into Position, Color, Dimmer, etc, etc. I'm...
  8. S

    Night Club Console Layout--How do you like to layout your console?

    Hey folks, I'm in need of some advice. Here's the situation: I have been tasked with setting up a GrandMA2 ultra light (with two external touch screen monitors) for a lighting rig in a night club. The club has about 25 Robe Pointes, 16 Elation E Spots, 21 Snipers, 25 Protron Strobes, and 8...
  9. Maxweisen

    GrandMA2 Lamp On and Lamp Off Macro

    Hey CB,I am working on a GrandMA2 Console and having some trouble making 2 macros, one for lamp on and one for lamp off. Can anyone post a screen shot of a lamp on or lamp off macro they have made for MA2 that works?Thanks, Max