leprecon 612

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    Control/Dimming Trouble with Non Responsive Lighting Control

    Hello all,I am having trouble sorting out the cause of a failure in my lighting rig. I am new to this venue and have limited documentation on the infrastructure. We have had problems with a single Leprecon DMX Pack with power distribution from an ETC Sensor + to power non-LED instruments. Most...
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    Control/Dimming Leprecon 612 Console / Flickering at low dimmer values

    Hi there!So I am having an issue with one of our Leprecon 612 consoles. Anytime I either bring the master fader down or any channel fader down below 40% it makes our instruments flicker. I have tried this with our CF12s v2, Ovations, and source4 with a 575w lamp. Would anyone have an idea on...