1. Q

    Control/Dimming iSeries E 96 dimmer rack configuration software

    Hello everyone,I work in higher education and I'm trying to install some LED fixtures (American DJ PAR Z100) in our old theater. We would like to utilize the existing power from the dimmer rack ( iSeries E 96 ) by converting the stage pin to powercon. In the dimmer rack manual it talks about...
  2. nick_fouts

    Fuse Question—Leviton Dimmer Pack

    Hi all,I have a Leviton DDS 5600 microplex dimmer pack. Went to install today and found a missing fuse on one of the channels. In advance, please pardon my naïvete around electricity and fuses--I'm still learning!It requires a 6A, 250V non time-delay fuse. I know that I can order online...
  3. J

    Not Seen This Before, Have You?

    The theater where I just closed a show had a cable I’ve not seen before. A well respected community theater company near Philadelphia has a Leviton 7xxx system. The cables running to the dimmer packs looked like mike cables, but one end had a second XLR connector coming out, a Y connection...
  4. M

    Leviton DMS controller..? (no, really -- stop laughing!)

    Client of mine called me today to ask for my help in finding a Leviton DMS controller -- they lost theirs and can't change their ballroom lighting presets without it. Does anyone have any ideas as to where I should look? eBay has nothing....thanks, mike
  5. KT the TD

    Colortran i96 dimmer rack problems

    We're having troubles with our dimmers after the power went out. Some won't shut off, some pop on at 50% when the fader gets to 1%, and it's an issue being December when everyone and their brother put on "The Nutcracker."I've tried resetting the modules but can't find a main power switch to...