1. tdtastic

    Do you Harness when you Genie?

    I'm going to get blasted for this, I just know it...Anonymous hands-up of how many of you are using harnesses in your genie or vertical 'stick' lift? Not talking boom or scissor lift. Within the 20-25 foot range.What ARE the actual regulations on that with OSHA or ANSI? (I haven't had...
  2. H

    Scenery Elevator Thoughts

    Hey All.So I am designing this production which is going to take place on a large 3' stage in the center of the room.I was wondering what the feasibility is/ how would i go about designing small elevators in the platform so that all of the furniture in various scenes could live inside the...
  3. J

    Contour Curtain Pulley system

    We are investigating the possibility of creating a small contour curtain for an upcoming show. We are a high school, and have a relatively small budget. Has anybody ever sewn the curtain themselves, installed the rings, and set up a pulley system that is hand-operated?We're thinking there...
  4. M

    Genie Battery Chargers

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has any Recommendations for replacement Battery Chargers for a Genie AWP-25S? My Battery Charger crapped out on me and Grainger sells the same model for $480. that is a ridiculous price. It is out of warranty and want to know if any one had the same issues and...
  5. M

    Applied Electronics XL16 case or bag

    What do you use to protect your XL16 lift when transporting it in the truck? I am about to purchase a large expansion to my company's rig and want to get the job done right. Please point me in the right direct! thanks! -Miles R