lighting console

  1. Matt_Tech_12

    MA2 Full Crash and restart

    So I have an MA2 Full Size that is having an pretty bad issue. The console will power itself off and auto restart on its own randomly. Software is all up to date, and it has been serviced by ACT and they said it was fine. Has anyone else had this issue or heard of it happening? Happy to provide...
  2. G

    Advice on Lighting- Starting from Scratch

    I need recommendations for lighting instruments and a console/controller for our small high school theatre productions. I am looking at investing in some decent lights (as inexpensive as possible, but decent quality) that I can add to over the years. This year, my goal is to get a decent...
  3. J

    Questions on the Phillips Strand Lighting 250ML

    Hi all,Some background information: My high school has a Philips Strand Lighting 250ML Lighting Control Console that the school purchased back in 2016. We have a modestly sized system of 82 light fixtures, a mixture of Altman 65Q Fresnels, Strand Century Iris 4's, Strand Century Lekolites...
  4. Gage

    Control/Dimming Colortran innovator encoder wheel repair.

    One of the encoder wheels on my (not so loved) innovator has finally given up, it won't react to any form of input, but will randomly decide to change values by itself if it feels like it. I'm guessing one of the little optical sensors on the encoder daughterboard has died. The...
  5. B

    Control/Dimming Ion Classic or Ion XE

    I am in my first year as the theatre and performance manager for a rural school district. The previous theatre manager was a big sound guy, so I have a lot of sound equipment that is rarely used but is of very high quality. However, the theatre in the High School is still using an ETC Express...
  6. L

    Control/Dimming Children's Museum problems

    Hi all,I'm here with a rather strange request. For background, my university degree is in Theatre Design and Technology with a "focus" in lighting technology (hehe). I have worked at several theaters but have been out of the lighting game for a couple years thanks to the pandemic, and a career...
  7. Aidan Spelbring

    Control/Dimming Monitor for 24 Slider ETC Smartfade??

    I am wondering if it would be helpful or useful to attach a monitor to the console? I’ve never used a monitor with a light board before, but we want to have presets so that we can simply hit a button to change scenes.
  8. A

    ETC Express 24/28 Problems

    Hello everyone! I am a student at a not so fortunate public high school. We have the ETC Express 24/48 and it's nearing its final moments. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how I can hopefully get this working.So, it's been probably around a month since the board was used and today I...
  9. B

    Bijou console

    Goodmorning fanatics.I am a volunteer technical director for a church/school.The school we work with has a well aged Bijou lighting console that has decided to act up. After about an hour, but before four hours of use, the console will blackout the attached vga monitor, drop the current dmx...
  10. Zero 88

    Zero 88 ( is a brand of Cooper Lighting Solutions (, and have been serving the needs of the entertainment lighting industry for over 45 years.They are a UK-based manufacturer